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Customized Profiles For Other Lotto Games

Solution We have had a number of new members ask about getting ‘customized powerplay numbers profiles for games other than US Powerball, because they don’t live in the USA and play Powerball.

The ‘Customized PowerPlay Powerball number profiles’ you received as part of ordering the Formula 1 Lotto System, comes as a FREE bonus for ordering the system.

The US Powerball game is the largest lotto game in the world, and is played by the most people, that is why we offer customized profiles for that game only.

To develop a set of Customized Number profiles for the US Powerball for every new member, we have to set up a unique algorithm, and that takes us about one hour to do.

Developing customized profiles for other lotto games requires setting up and developing customized algorithms, which takes at least one hour to do.

As such we are unable to offer customized number profiles for other lotto games as a FREE bonus.

If any member does want customized profiles developed for any other lotto game, we can arrange that, however the cost for a set of 3 customized profile would be $55.00.

If you would like customized powerplay profiles developed for your specific lotto game, you will need to contact our HELP DESK here:

In the ‘Subject’ field please put...."Customized Profiles for [enter the name of your lotto game]”....
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