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From: Glen Hooke, IT Engineer
Subject: The Most Important Day Of Your Life

Dear Friend,

If you've always imagined what would be like to have the FORTUNE of WINNING THE

... Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.
You're about to find out the amazing method I've used to WIN $425,576 in the last 10

Even better, I'll give you the perfect weapon to "rob" the lotteries vaults -- by using
the secret formula of an MIT professor.

But before I get to that, let me just share with you some of the wonderful results that our
"students" have been having from using our "weapon":
I have a confession to make ...

I had an obsession with winning big at lotto.

I tried hundreds of methods hoping that maybe... just maybe... it will happen for me:

- lucky numbers from every member of my family...

- lines and diagonals that looked good on paper...

- putting all the numbers on small pieces of paper and extracting them
   from a hat.

- birthday dates for all my family members

- trying to "dream" numbers at night so I could envision the lucky ticket...

and that was only the beginning...

Needless to say, every time I was watching on TV the actual draw of the numbers ... all
my hopes were smashed down... with every single number.

So 11 years ago, after throwing over $28,000 down the toilet, I almost decided to stop
playing lotto once and for all....
Luckily, I met Professor R, a Math Statistics Genius from
the prestigious MIT University..... and my whole world
The way it happened was freakish really.

We were sitting next to each other at a bar one night.
The TV was on in the bar, and the lotto draw came on.

I pulled out my lotto tickets as usual and started to
check off my numbers as they were drawn.
At the same time I noticed this guy sitting near me pull out a note book, and his lotto
tickets and he started checking of his numbers as well.

As usual, when the draw was over, I was unhappy because I got just one number. But
when I glanced across at this other guy, he has this big grin on his face. Now I just
couldn't resist asking him what he'd won (because I knew he'd won something)

I was stunned when he told me that he'd hit 5 numbers out of 6 in one game, and I asked
him how much he won...

To my shock he said he hadn't actually 'played' those numbers in a real game. In fact he
said he was just monitoring the numbers as a hobby.
Can you believe it!

Anyway, I started asking questions, and an hour later, I had found out that he was a well
respected Professor at a nearby University and that the he has discovered a formula for
choosing lotto numbers that will win 8 out of 10 times (!!!)...

I was stunned (and very skeptical) at the same time, because I just didn't believe it was possible.
After twisting his arm, and practically begging him for countless weeks after that meeting,
he agreed to let me independently "field-test" his formula and methods...in real life.

To make a long story short, I used my IT expertise to develop a unique step-by-step
software using the professors exact methods and formulas that he had compiled
over the last 27 years of analyzing more that 150 lotto games from just about every
country in the world..

Now, programming 27 years worth of lotto numbers data and designing complex
numerical algorithms, took 3 programmers 17 months to complete, and when it was
done, the professor agreed to allow my software to be shared with a randomly selected
group of other people, just to see what the results would be.....

That was over 10 years ago.

Since then, the results of the professors systems and formulas which have been built into
this powerful software are regularly and consistently delivering, results (and cash in the
pockets) of the system users.

The results you see below are from just a few users of this powerful software. And
they need no more comments...
I don't want to get into too many details
about how powerful this software is...

All that is really important to you are these facts

1) It Works.
The formulas used to make
the software were discovered by Professor
R., the MIT statistical genius... It's
and it's taken more than 27
years to perfect!

-- Moreover, you've seen the kind of
success stories it generated for me and for
other people, all over the world. --
2) You Can Use It For The Lotto Game In YOUR Country.

In fact, it works for more than 300 of the major lottery game world-wide....
All the 5 ball games 6 ball games, (these are the games with the best winning odds
and most prize money to be won) - You can even play 7 ball games (although these
are really tough to win because the win percentages are astronomical).

(By the way I highly recommend you forget about playing 3 and 4 ball games. They are a total
waste of your money with regard to winning % odds)

3) You WILL Know How To Use The Software.

There are only 2 requirements:

You need to know basic English. Check!
You need to know how to point and click with your mouse. Check!
In Fact, Why Don't I Just Quickly Show You How Easy It Is
To Use The 'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System'...

There are only 4 steps to it... and you can do it in less than 5 minutes
If you're still not convinced, you can see a demonstration of the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' in action.
Just click the play button....

"Of course, not ALL of my members make MILLIONS...

But imagine -- how YOUR life would change if YOU could win an extra $50,000... $30,000 or even.... $10,000 this year.
"Why You Won't Find A Lotto Winning Software Like This Anywhere Else On Earth?"
The 'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System' is the only software that uses the exact and
fool-proof algorithm of Professor R.

And remember...it's taken him 27 years of tireless work to perfect this process.
Before I started using his system (with this software), I'd tried countless methods on the

I've read books, I tried other software, I even played a bit with paranormal methods
would you believe... but nothing gave me any positive result.

Using Professor R. algorithm, I was able to go from rags to riches, winning more
than $425,000 in the last 10 years...

And thousands of people that used the same software, have won big time playing their favorite lotto games.

Moreover, most of them admitted that they had a hard time winning anything before
using our software. Only some small pocket change that barely covered just a small part of the ticket costs.
"I have ONE confession to make..."
Warning: It's important that you know this!
Some people that used this software emailed me like crazy in order to stop me from
selling this software. Some of them even tried to bribe me.

That's just one part of it...

The truth is that... (I have to admit this to you...), in the beginning I didn't even want to
hear about "sharing" this system with other people...

However, Professor R. told me that he would only give me his method if I also agreed to offer his method to other people as well.

At first, I thought that other people using this method will make it less powerful. But then
I realized that millions (maybe tens of millions) of people play lotto all over the planet.

It doesn't really matter if a couple of hundred lucky people get to use his method that
we've used with tremendous success.

That's why, I'm even happy now to share some of the good fortune that I had during the past years, because I get to hear about the successes of others.

I mean....
....You've met Megan Larrison who made $25,548 (USD) playing 29 games so far
....You've met Justin Clark who filled his pockets with $17,398 (USD) in the last 6 months, playing just one ticket every week

....You've met 34-year-old woman Jane Steven who won $43,546 and managed to change her life for good!s

....You've met Marc Bradley, a middle-age manager that has won $157,000 last year only...and finally bought a new house.

....You've met Alan C who  won a big JACKPOT--$2.5 million Australian dollar

... You've met Anthony Stewart a young man from London that has made a living from playing Lotto, and is making $2,000 every month

... Almost all of these people had a pretty average life, before they got our step-by-
step software and system to change their luck once and for all...

It's good to know that most of them were 'regular' people who just wanted a better life for
themselves and for their loved ones...

It's a total win-win for you!
Not only do you get all that, but here are a few more of the emails I keep getting, day in, day out..
Fully REALIZE That YOU TOO Can Win With THE Most Respected (and The  No 1) Winning Lotto System On The Internet....
The 'Formula 1 Lotto System'

Just Like These People.....


f you're excited about the killer new lotto system and software that you'll get exclusive
access to... Then I think you're going to be over the moon by what I'm about to do next.

I want to be sure that you have every advantage, edge, and odd that you could possibly
need to guarantee your success -- so I've agreed to give away a
Bonus 'Toolbox' of
FOUR SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free:
FREE Super Bonus #1:
Formula 1 Lotto System Win Predictor  (valued at $57)

I immediately jumped ahead and implemented the formula straight away and named this software the 'Formula 1 Lotto System Win Predictor'

Picture this: you use your Formula 1 Lotto
Winning System to calculate your lucky
numbers. But before you run and put actual
money into buying tickets, you use this magic
piece of software to give you the exact odds
you have of winning in the game you want to

It's like having the ability to predict the weather
months in advance.

This makes winning lotto as stealing candy
from a baby... It's impossible to miss...

And by using the 'Formula 1 Lotto System'
software with this software, I estimate that
you are able to increase your odds to 9.0
winners out of 10 tickets played.
Here's screenshot of exactly what the 'Win Predictor' software look like :
You can see, for the numbers we entered for the 'PowerBall' game above, what chances we
have for the numbers we selected will give us a win.

Take a look at the numbers in game '6'...it looks like we've got a good strong 'Green' 'YES' to go
signal for those numbers. But the numbers we entered in games '3' and '4' aren't good.

Can you see the power of having access to the this software?

It's just amazing what it can do. And the only people who can get access to the 'Win Predictor'
software are are users of the 'Formula 1 Lotto System'
(The 'Win Predictor' software is
NOT available on it's own. And is not for sale anywhere else)

So, if you have already decided to go ahead,
FREE Super Bonus #2:
Your own Customized and Personalized Max. Chance system for
US Powerball 1/69 - 1-26
($87.00 Value yours FREE)
.A few months ago, Professor R. discovered
the latest pattern to cracking the US Powerball.
The usual odds of anyone winning the big prize
at Powerball are approximately 1 in 292,301,388

Using Formula 1 Lotto System, although you
have 8 out of 10 chances of winning at lotto,
the odds to win the ultimate prize are still pretty
low: about 1 in 455,413....

But, with his latest discovery, Professor X.is
going to make available special number
profiles made using this new special computation that will give you a 1in 14920 chance.

(Yes...that's a 1 in 14920 chance for the ultimate lottery prize)
I don't know how lucky you are feeling... but 1 in 14920 are phenomenal odds in YOUR favor when you consider that most players have only a 1in 292,301,388 chance.

I repeat: That means 1 in 14920 chances of winning the BIG ULTRA LOTTO PRIZE....

It's like having the ability to predict the weather months in advance.

This makes winning lotto as stealing candy from a baby... It's impossible to miss...

And by using the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' software with these customized PowerPlay number
profiles, I estimate that you are able to increase your odds to 9.0 winners out of 10 tickets

NOTE: Your FREE Personlaized Customized profiles are only available for the US Powerball
Game, and no other game.
Here's what Professor R will do for you:

When you order the Formula 1 Lotto System, he will use the power of his own computer
system and this incredible new computation algorithm he has designed, and compile for
you your own set of unique numbers for US Powerball 1/69 - 1-26  game.

Each game will have number profiles that are specifically for you....and you only. No
one else will ever  have the number profiles you get.

The Professor will design enough unique number profiles for you to
play 165 games
of US
Powerball 1/69 - 1/26.

Here is a sample of how your customized PowerPlay profiles will look...
.(by the
way......please don't use any of the numbers in the profiles below. They are dummy numbers,
so you'll be wasting your time)
The Professor only has limited resources and limited time to be able to do these personalized
number profiles for you.

In fact there's a  big chances that I will 
remove this bonus without notice
very soon.

The decision is not yet made, but I think this discovery is really too important, to be released to
too many people. (Maybe some secrets are meant to be "owned" only by very few...)

Nevertheless.... with the personalized numbers the Professor will do for you, it will give you
the best chance you will ever have of winning the maximum prize in US Powerball 1/69 - 1-

But you need to get in quickly for this one!
** The above numbers are DUMMY numbers **
FREE Super Bonus #3:

FREE Upgrades To The 'Formula 1 Lotto System 'Software ($197.00 Value FREE)
That right...when you buy the Formula 1 Lotto System license, you'll be receiving  FREE Upgrades to the software.

We update the software every week, (sometimes every few days).

But with this bonus you always be assurred of having THE most up to date system possible.

If you want to secure this amazing bonus...
FREE Super Bonus #4:

A FREE copy of '
What To Do when You Win'
ebook  ($19.97 Value FREE)
The great little e-book is full of advise and help about how to manage your life if you every hit a big lotto jackpot.

So many big lotto winners have had their lives ruined after they come into a large amount of money.

I know it's hard to beleive,  but it happens more than you know.

This little e-book gives you advise on:

- How to deal with relaitives and friends after your big win.

- How to work with a financial advisor.

- How to set priorites so that you don't waste your winnings.

- The tax implications following a big cash win.

Plus a whole lot more
So Now Are You Ready To Play Lotto For Massive Winnings?

(And Really Start Fulfilling Every Single Item On Your Dream-World Wish List?)
Double click to edit
Although it may sound a bit strange... when I started winning big money at lotto, I
wasn't even ready for it...

At first...I didn't really know what to do with the cash I was winning.....

First I visited the shops... and bought all the electronic gadgets that I needed (and the
ones that I didn't needed!)...

But after a while... I had to stop and really think....

So here's a list to give you just a few ideas, so when you win the lotto you will not
be caught by total surprise (like I was...):

You can buy a fancy new car. Yes.... that car we both know that you longed
for it ... for so much time.

You can purchase your dream new house... or at least have a huge deposit to
put on one.

You can take a trip around the world to visit every single beautiful country...
(Hmmm... maybe except North Korea...)

You can finally go to the one you really love... and buy something special so you
will create a dazzling impression...

You can send your kids to the greatest college in the country (or put just
little money aside for that, in case you don't have kids yet. Recommended.)

You can buy a cool yacht to live a life full of luxury...

You can help your parents to get everything they've always desired...

And most importantly... you can FINALLY start to live the life you deserve and
you've always wanted...

The options are up to you...

You will have all the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want and how you

No restrictions whatsoever.
Yes, Glen! I'm Ready To Start Winning
More Lotto Prizes, Starting NOW!
Super Bonus #1:
Formula 1 Lotto System Win Predictor software (value $57)

Super Bonus #2:
You own customized and personalized Max Chance For US Powerball 1/69 - 1-29 Top Prize (value $49.95)

Super Bonus #3:
FREE Upgrades to the Formula 1 Lotto System software (value $197.00)

Super Bonus #4:
'What Will You Do When You Win' e-book (value$19.97).
If you really want to win big playing lotto, this will probably be the most important
day in your life...

Picture a few months from now, when you will be able to win ticket after ticket after

You will see how the numbers from your favorite lottery match up precisely the
numbers in your ticket...

You will hear the voices of your loved ones cheering you and celebrating your

And you will feel a great sense of achievement, for being able to be smarter than the
regular players and beating the odds.

When you live the ultimate lotto ecstasy, I bet you will think upon this moment... When
you took the critical decision of DOING something to make you successful.

This is what happened with me... and I want you to experience the same thing ...
over and over and over again.

To massive lotto winnings,

Glen Hooke

The 'Formula 1 Lotto Winning System' package will likely
stop selling soon. This software is "insider" material and we want to keep it that way.
I can only guarantee you'll get an exclusive license to this system at a 60% discount, if you secure your license now.

P.P.S.: After you win, please send me an email with your exact winning experience so I
can celebrate by your side.

Here are just a few more of the emails I get from people all over the world that are winning right now using this system:

(Maybe these will give you a glimpse of inspiration...)

A 64 Year Old MIT Professor Has Spent The Last 27 Years Perfecting a System That Will Win Lotto Cash Prizes 8.7 Times Out Of Every 10 Games You Play….
....The Best Part Is YOU Cannot Lose With This System,Because It Comes With an...
Iron-Clad ‘Win Or You Get Your Money-Back Guarantee' !
....So Keep Reading To Find Out How You Can Own This System By Securing One Of The Exclusive Licenses He's Making Available.
Ok...you've seen, and heard the proof that the Formula 1 Lotto system really works.

It's been
selling online for over 12 years, and has earned the reputation of being the most trusted and respected lotto system on the internet.

But even so, I know that trustworthiness is important to you.

That's why I'm going to offer you my no questions 100% Money Back Guarantee, that's good for a full 60 days.

So there is zero risk for you.

..This bonus is using the newest algorithm that Professor R. has been working on. Being unhappy with "only" 8.7 out of 10 success rate (!), the professor found a formula that you can use if you should play a ticket for real money or not.
I don't want to wait anymore... I know there is no time to lose. Thanks for your incredible '12 month no lose' guarantee, also. This takes all the pressure completely from me...And... I get to keep these bonuses (worth $106.95) with regards from you
Well, I thought long and hard about that, and came to the conclusion that since the Professor has spent over 27 years developing and perfecting his system, and I, along with 3 other programmers, had spent thousands of hours converting all of the Professor's years of data into a powerful one of a kind software program, that a fair and reasonable price for an exclusive license to the 'Formula 1 Lotto System' might be $140.

But when I told the Professor my thoughts on the price, he flat out said… No way. That’s too expensive for the average person to afford”

So after some long (and sometimes heated) discussions with the Professor, he has agreed to release a limited number of
exclusive licenses  to the complete 'Formula 1 Lotto System' at a massive 60% discount.

But that's not the best part, because when you secure your
exclusive license today to the 'Formula 1 Lotto System'....
You're Probably Wondering...What The Price Of An Exclusive License To The 'Formula 1 Lotto System' Will Be.
- You’ll NEVER have to pay for updates EVER.
You’ll NEVER have to pay any monthly membership fees EVER.
- You’ll NEVER have to pay any hosting fees EVER.

Plus you’ll also be getting those
$106.50 worth of FREE bonuses.

That has to be the  best deal ever.

But I assure you, the professor will not leave this offer of a 60% discount for an exclusive license open for very long.

If you wait, thinking you'll come back later, then this offer could be gone without warning. Then you’ll be upset with me that you missed out.

So you need to act NOW to secure your own exclusive license to the 'Formula 1 Lotto System for a massive 60% discount.
12 years online
CLICK HERE To Reserve Your License While This Critical Bonus Is Still Available.
CLICK HERE To Reserve Your License While This Critical Bonus Is Still Available.
CLICK HERE To Reserve Your License While This Critical Bonus Is Still Available.
CLICK HERE To Reserve Your License While This Critical Bonus Is Still Available.
FREE Upgrades To The Software.
Formula 1 Lotto System
Formula 1 Lotto System
Formula 1 Lotto System
So How Much Better Is The 'Formula 1 Lotto System' Compared To All The Others?
Step #1
Choose the game you want to play in from the drop down box*(For all US games or International games)
(The Formula 1 Lotto System has in its database 27 years worth of statistics from over 370 lotto games worldwide)
Step #2
You can choose any game on that list. I chose "Florida Fantasy 5 and clicked "SUBMIT".
Step #3

Choose your numbers from the unique sequencing options that you have available in the dropdown boxes.

(In this step, the secret algorithm of Professor R. will let you choose only the specific winning combinations of numbers)
So you're bullet-proof to use the winning formula correctly.
Step #4
When you click the 'Generate' button the software will generate all the Matrixes you have set.
Copy the numbers onto a piece of paper or "Print" them and you have your scientific winning numbers
ready to enter into your official lotto ticket.
You can also 'Save' any game, and call it up again in the future.
Once you win, just repeat the process for more winnings... That's all it takes... It
doesn't get any better than this...

Important Update...
This is a VERY LIMITED OPPORTUNITY to anyone who wants the freedom and power of being *rich*
My name is Glen Hooke, and on the following page I'm going to show you the
exact secret weapon I've
used to win over $425,576 with lotto in the last 10 years

... (Yes, that's $425,576 in lotto winnings!!!)
Plus, I'll show you letters, emails and case studies from REAL PEOPLE who have been  exploiting a closely guarded piece of software that has made dramatic changes
to their lifestyle all from playing lotto and winning...

Here are just a FEW of the real-life stories you'll read about on this

... Read the details of how they did it below.
Do You Really Want The ULTIMATE Proof That The Formula 1 Lotto System IS The Best and Most Credible Lotto System ON The Market Today?
Then Let These System Users Tell You Themselves...
Listen To What Dan has to say.....
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Listen To What Frank has to say.....
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Listen To What Steven has to say.....
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FOUR Super Bonuses (Valued at $106.95:
"Yours FREE To Keep*, No Matter WHAT!"
(*But Only If You Reserve Your Copy Within The Next 10 minute*)

And it keeps getting better and better...
Have You Still Got A Few Questions or Concerns?....
....Then Let Me Answer Them All For You Right Now!
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Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails I've received
from people like you...
... People who are winning CASH every single week - using
this "weapon":
Here is how the SECRET WEAPON for winning lottery prizes was born...

("And why it WILL be YOUR MAGIC WAND for winning more lotto cash prizes than you ever thought possible!")
"Read some more emails from REAL PEOPLE already using this system...
(You'll notice they come from all over the world, playing any type
of lottery game whatsoever!)"
The Secret Weapon for Pumping Money from Lotteries' Vaults Directly into Your Bank Accounts...
The 'Formula 1 Lotto System'