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Unable To Complete Matrixes - Browser Closes or I Get Browser Error Message


There can be situations where, when you are trying to complete the number selections for all the matrix boxes, that without warning,and for no apparent reason, the profile page closes, and you are switched back to the Formula 1 System login page.

If this is happening it’s a clear pointer that there is a problem with the local browser you are using.

It has nothing to do with our Formula 1 Lotto System software at all.

The problem most often happens with members who use ‘Internet Explorer’ as their browser.

The reason is that ‘Internet Explorer’ is renowned to be very ‘buggy’ and causes issues with many websites and web based application.

If this occurs, you should change your browser to 'Google Chrome'.

It is much more stable and reliable.

You may also find when you use 'Google Chrome' instead of ‘Internet Explorer’ your normal internet browsing experience will be better, smoother and more stable for everything.

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